Travel and Tourism

Interested in developing key business skills? Could you design a marketing campaign for Alton Towers? Could you plan a visit for the class to Paris? Could you identity what Co-op Travel can do to meet the varied needs of their customers? This course helps you to understand how businesses in the Travel and Tourism sector operate and become so successful.

Over two years you will be completing six units of study, the three AS units are:

Unit 1 – Introducing Travel and Tourism (Exam)
This unit provides you with essential background knowledge about the scale and scope of the industry.
Unit 2 – Customer Service in Travel and Tourism (Coursework)
An essential skill in any business is to meet the needs of customers – can you demonstrate your own ability to do this?
Unit 3 – Travel Destinations (Coursework)
You will select and study two destinations in detail (one short haul and one long haul) developing key research skills.

You will be visiting some key businesses in this sector including British Airways and Co-op Travel. There may also be the opportunity to travel abroad, with your study of a destination for unit 3 – so you should be a passport holder.

Travel and Tourism is a dynamic subject and links well with other A Levels such as Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Languages and ICT. You do not need to have studied Travel and Tourism at GCSE; we welcome all students who meet the entry requirements for Level 3 study. You should be aware of the high level of coursework in this subject (66% at AS and A2).