The A Level Spanish course aims to build on skills acquired at GCSE and develop them further by developing a deeper understanding of Spanish culture and society.  The course is designed to facilitate foreign travel, enhance employment prospects and provide a basis for further study in higher education.

The A Level Spanish course aims to help students develop confident, effective communication skills in Spanish and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.  Working closely with a native Spanish Language Assistant, students will develop their understanding of the following topic areas:

  • Media
  • Healthy living and lifestyle
  • Family & relationships
  • Popular Culture
  • The multicultural society
  • Contemporary social issues
  • Environment
  • Independent study of two cultural topics (students can choose their area of study )

Some examples of careers using languages are Journalism, Translating and Interpreting, and Education.

It is essential for students embarking on the AS course to have passed the GCSE Higher Tier examination at a grade B or above.


AS Unit 1 (listening, reading and writing) 70% of AS grade (35% of A Level)

AS Unit 2 (speaking) 30% of AS grade (15% of A Level)

A2 Unit 3 (listening, reading and writing) 35% of grade

A2 Unit 4 (speaking) 15% of grade