Physical Education

Physical Education offers a variety of learning experiences for all students.  You will examine the world of sport along with yourself as a sports person.  Furthermore, you will work towards being an expert in teaching others, improving your own performance and developing an understanding what makes a champion.

A Level Physical Education develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, and combines them with your own high level performance in your chosen activities. These skills will not only benefit you in your other A Levels, but are also highly-regarded by university admissions tutors.  In addition to degrees in Physical Education, Sports Science and related disciplines, Physical Education can lead to a wide range of careers, including sports management, sports marketing, the armed forces, outdoor pursuits, government and local government policy development, sports journalism, sports psychology and physiotherapy.

To access this stimulating course you need to have a minimum of a C grade in the written paper at GCSE level.  You also need to be participating regularly at a high level in at least one sporting activity.


Our exciting OCR A Level course is divided into a total of 4 units, 2 AS units and 2 A2 units.

AS level is made up of two mandatory units:

Unit G451: Externally assessed through a 2 hour exam, taught in three sections.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Acquiring movement skills
  • Social and Cultural Studies

Unit G452: Consists of 2 practical activities and a performance evaluation project.

A Level is made up of two mandatory units at AS and two further units at A2:

Unit G453: Externally assessed through examination.

Exercise and Sport Physiology

Historical Studies

Comparative Studies

Unit G454: Consists of 1 practical activity and a performance evaluation project