Music Technology

Music Technology is the study of how to use a recording studio and the equipment you would expect to find in a modern recording facility.  It also involves learning how to sequence music and use professional sequencing software.  The Music Department is fully equipped with the latest Apple computers installed with Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro 10, and professional quality recording equipment as used in studios.DSC_1559

Music Technology is aimed at anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.   If you want to produce or record artists you must have a good grounding in the workings of a recording studio.

To follow this course at AS and A Level, you would ordinarily have achieved a C grade or higher in GCSE Music.


The course consists of three elements; Recording, Sequencing and Listening.  These are structured into Units 1-4:

AS Unit 1: Music Technology – Portfolio 1

Students will produce a 3 track CD with a sequenced performance; a multi-track recording and a creative sequenced arrangement.

AS Unit 2: Listening and Analysing

Students will study the development of styles most common to popular music.

A2 Unit 3: Music Technology – Portfolio 2

Unit 3 builds on skills acquired gained from Unit 1, and extends these to include a composition task.  Students will also study the development of technology-based music.

A2 Unit 4: Analysing and Producing

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of music and the principles of music technology through a series of written commentaries, manipulations and production tasks