English Literature

English Literature is a valuable subject that is recognized as such by both employers and providers of higher education.  Why study English Literature?  The answer, simply, is that you have a passion for reading great novels, plays and poetry.  That is what you’ll be doing a lot of on this course.  That and discussing literature with other students who share the same passion.  Oh, and writing about it.

Over the centuries, writers have produced some wonderful literature in English, and not just the Stratford Bard.  Think of Dickens.  Miller, Shelley, Austen, Eliot (both T.S. and George) and Thomas (Edward, Dylan and R.S.). Oh, and Wordsworth.  And Steinbeck.  And the Brontes.  And …  The list seems infinite.  It’s not just about dead authors either.  There are many living writers who are inspirational in their writing.  You’ll get a chance to examine why on this course.  So, if you like reading, you like reading great literature and you like giving your opinions about it.  This course is the one for you.

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that underpins all careers as well as all academic disciplines.  Specifically, the course could lead to careers in the media, written and spoken, teaching, the film industry, marketing and sales, academia and research, printing.  Popular subject links are cultural studies, journalism, media studies, history, philosophy, the classics, creative writing, printing, librarianship, law.

Students embarking on the course should have passed GCSE English Higher Tier at a Grade B or above.


This specification is divided into a total of four units, two AS units and two A2.

AS Level

Unit 1: LITB1

Aspects of Narrative (two hour open book examination)

60% AS, 30% A2         

Unit 2: LITB2

Genre study (two written pieces of coursework)

40% AS, 20% A2

A2 Level

Unit 3: LITB3

Texts and Genres- Elements of the Gothic (2 hour closed book exam)

30% of A2

Unit 4: LITB4

Further and Independent reading (two pieces of coursework, on texts of your choice)

20% of A2