Health and Social Care

OCR A Level Health and Social Care is a popular and successful subject at The Streetly Academy.  Our A Level course is designed to help:

  • Develop and sustain an interest in health, early-years care and education, social care and issues affecting the care sector
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of health, early-years care and education and issues affecting the health and social care sector
  • Develop skills that will enable you to make an effective contribution to the care sector including skills of research, evaluation and problem-solving in a work related context
  • Apply your knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Prepare you for further study and training.


The units covered in Year 12 are:

Unit 1 – Promoting Quality care.

This unit is examined which means you will do an exam in June of Year 12.  This unit covers how attitudes and prejudices are learnt, the rights and responsibilities of people who use services and providers and facilitation of access to health and social care services.

Unit 2 – Communication.

This unit is a coursework unit and it investigates the different types of communication skills used in care settings and their purpose.  You will find out how effective communication values individuals and promotes health and well-being.  You will also have the opportunity to learn and practise communication skills when you go on work experience to an early years setting.

Unit 3 – Promoting Good health.

This unit (coursework) investigates the range of lifestyle choices and societal factors which influence health and well-being.  You will investigate the ways in which ill-health can be prevented and will get the opportunity to develop your own health promotion campaign and assess its impact on the target group.

Unit 5 – Working in Early Years care and Education.

This unit (coursework) investigates the range of care and education provision for children in early years settings (0-8 years).  You will investigate the job roles available within early years care and education and will gain an understanding of the ways that children learn and methods that can be used to aid learning and development.

Unit 6 – Health as a Lifestyle Choice.

This unit (coursework) enables you to explore health as a lifestyle choice for the individuals at all life-stages.  You will learn about how diet and exercise can contribute in a positive way to an individual’s overall health and well-being.

Unit 9 – Caring for Older People.

This examined unit looks at the effects of ageing and the impact this may have on the physical, cognitive, emotional and social life of people aged 65+.

In Year 13 the following units are covered:

Unit 10 – Care, Practice and Provision.

This unit (coursework) will require you to carry out an investigation to show how demographic factors influence the organisation and provision of health, social care and early years services in our local area.

Unit 11 – Understanding Human Behaviour.

This unit (an exam) provides an understanding of the influences that can affect growth and development and of the concepts and theories that can be used to explain human behaviour across different life stages.

Unit 12 – Anatomy and Physiology in Practice.

In this unit (an exam) you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the gross structure, basic micro-anatomy and functions of the main body systems.  The functions of these systems will be used to explain some of the symptoms of a range of common human diseases and dysfunctions, together with causes, appropriate diagnostic tests, care and treatment.

Unit 13 – Child Development.

This unit (coursework) will enable you to investigate the development of children from birth to eight years and to consider the influences that can affect their development.

Unit 14 – Mental Health Issues.

This unit (coursework) explores the concepts, types, causes and images of mental health, and the influence the media has on society’s perception and treatment of individuals with mental health needs.

Unit 16 – Research Methods.

In this unit (coursework), you will select a topic that is relevant to a health, social care or early years setting and carry out a small scale research project based on your own research question or hypothesis.

Health and Social Care is a vocational subject, and combines especially well with English, Science and Psychology.  We welcome students who have achieved at least B grades in GCSE Science, English Language and Mathematics.  These entry requirements reflect the written and logical skills that are essential for success in A Level Health and Social Care.

A Level Health and Social Care develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, and combines them with the ability to form your own judgements about Health and Social Care. These skills will not only benefit you in your other A Levels, but are also highly-regarded by university admissions tutors.

Studying Health and Social Care at A Level can lead to a wide range of careers, including teaching, nursing, social work and child care.