The course encourages creative approaches.  It offers a mix of theory and practice and covers all aspects of drama and theatre work.  The course is assessed by both examination and internal assessment.  All students have to perform, and so a real interest in performing and watching others perform is vital.


The AS course consists of two units and the A2 course consists of a further two units.

AS Level:

Unit 1 – Exploration of Drama and Theatre

This unit introduces students to the content of plays written for the theatre.  They will learn how to analyse plays in a variety of ways so that they become familiar with the way written plays can be interpreted for realisation in performance.

Unit 2 – Theatre Text in Performance

This unit offers students the chance to demonstrate skills in a performance environment. The knowledge and understanding gained during the study of two plays in Unit 1 can now be applied with a view to delivering a performance to an audience.

A Level:

Unit 3 – Exploration of Dramatic Performance

This unit requires the creation of a unique and original piece of theatre.  The knowledge and understanding gained in the AS units can now be applied to a created production.

Students will be assessed on both the process of creation and the finished product in the form of a performance to an invited audience.

Unit 4 – Theatre Text in Context

This externally examined written unit requires the detailed study of one set play text and one prescribed historical period of theatrical development.

Drama and Theatre Studies enables you to explore a wide range of drama and theatre skills and practitioners, enabling you to grow creatively and imaginatively through your understanding and practice of concepts and performance work.

To succeed in this subject you need an enjoyment of theatre, a confident approach to performing, the ability to work as part of a team, the ability to research independently and write analytically about what you do and what you see.

It is not necessary to have studied Drama at GCSE, though we would expect you to demonstrate an interest in drama and a commitment to performing.

A Level creates pathways to further education and to all industries which rely on good communication such as teaching and journalism, as well as those directly involved with theatre and television.