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Support and Guidance

Study within the Sixth Form provides privileges and opportunities coupled with an enhanced responsibility as a senior member of the school community.  A core challenge in starting your Sixth Form studies will be adjusting to the increased responsibility you will have for managing your studies, in addition to the challenge of developing and honing your independent learning skills and habits. You won’t be left to your own devices, but you will be expected to rise to the challenge.

You will benefit from both academic and pastoral support during your studies and you and your parents will be regularly informed of the progress you are making in learning.  Upon starting your courses, a fortnightly induction session will support your acquisition of key learning habits and a mindset for learning.  In addition to your Form Tutor you will benefit from the wider Sixth Form team including the Head of Sixth Form, and a Sixth Form Pastoral Administrator. The Sixth Form Study Centre is managed by a team of dedicated Sixth Form Learning Mentors who work closely with our students to support their sustained achievement.

We hold our Sixth Form students in high regard and maintain very high expectations of them.  As a Sixth Form student you will swiftly come to appreciate the privileges of Sixth Form life; you should also be aware of your responsibilities as a senior member of the school community.  Our detailed expectations are provided for all students within the Sixth Form Handbook and enrolment form.  These are simple and common sense.  Few will find difficulty in upholding them.